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Smart & intuitive tools for analysing data

From rebasing and smoothing time-series to vector auto-regression models and principle component analyses, the application makes it simpler and more efficient to explore your data.


With smart functions & intuitive tools

you’re free to focus on finding the story

Apply calculations with as single click using pre-defined analyses

Create custom calculations using the Macrobond formula language and formula library

Allow the application to select the most suitable method for a given calculation, or choose yourself

See all the steps you’ve taken in a document and easily back track or make changes


We’ve built a platform that adapts to the way you want to work, using the data you want to work with. See why the application makes working with economic & financial data simpler & more efficient.


Automatically update data for any documents & produce professional quality charts, with a single click. Find out more about these & other features that will save you time and simplify the way you work.

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All our products have one thing in common, they provide effective solutions for working with economic & financial data. Take a look at what we offer.


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