More coverage than just the benchmarks

so you can take your research further

Data for developed, emerging & frontier markets from both international and local sources

Compare data simply & widely, across harmonized international sources

Dig deeper with data from local sources that give you greater granularity and more frequent updates

When you know the data is reliable

you can focus on insights & decisions

The Macrobond data team implements innumerable automated checks as well as hand-scrubbing the data

New releases are delivered within minutes. So you can focus on your work, knowing your data is up-to-date

A database that keeps evolving

just like the world around you

We keep developing our database so you can stay abreast of market trends & world events

Improved features & structure for intuitive access to data

Input from thought leaders ensures data additions are of the highest quality & relevance

Collaboration with all of our users means that even the most niche data is available, or can be requested

Application data

The application database

Macrobond offers access to over 75 million time series from primary sources, harmonized databases, and commercial datasets. Take a look at what’s included