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An unmatched collection of data

At the heart of the application is one of the world’s most complete collections of economic and financial data, the Macrobond database. With all your data gathered in one place, a few clicks are enough to compare and chart millions of series across any category, from any source. The database is constantly evolving to provide you with the most in-depth, up-to-date, and relevant data, as markets develop and focuses change.

Macrobond is better

The application database is the most effective way to explore millions of indicators. Find out why.

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A unique collection of detailed & unedited data

What sets the Macrobond database apart is our curated collection of economic and financial data. The collection is derived straight from the primary sources and presented as is, allowing you to dig deeper, and further back in time, knowing you have the most recent and unadjusted figures. No other application allows you to find and compare millions of time series, from sources around the globe so quickly and easily.

Complete datasets & original structures

As a complement to our curated collection, the application database also includes hundreds of datasets in their original structure, from harmonized international sources, such as OECD and IMF to national sources like ONS, CANSIM or BLS.

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Tailored data access

Our add-on databases allow you to access data from leading commercial providers, directly in the application. The datasets are seamlessly integrated with the application database and tools, and automatically updated with every new release.


Automatically update data for any documents & produce professional quality charts, with a single click. Find out more about these & other features that will save you time and simplify the way you work.


Find out more about the variety of options for analysing data, from one click analyses & custom formula functions, to seamless integrations with tools like EViews & R.

Other products

All our products have one thing in common, they provide effective solutions for working with economic & financial data. Take a look at what we offer.


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