Red line above blue grid

Present insights easily & persuasively

Point-&-click editing, custom stylesheets, & presentation books make creating and sharing your work easy and efficient.

Application charting

From finding data, to seeing it visualized

in under a second

Click on a series and see it instantly displayed in a chart

Quickly evaluate suitable series for analysis by visually assessing the data before building a document

See the latest values, or compare indictors for a quick overview of the latest developments

Client-ready charts are easy to make

with smart charting & hi-res visualization

Create custom stylesheets to produce uniform charts, tables, & reports with one click

Drag-&-drop chart styles make it easy to find the best way to present your analyses

Point-&-click editing of any chart elements, from colours & fonts to axes & chart notations

Charts are automatically updated when new values are released, saving you time and ensuring your work is always relevant

Showcase your work to your advantage

with the right tools & integrations

With a few clicks, you can post your charts to Twitter while you work in the application

Easy to share & collaborate on work by saving your documents to department or company accounts

Access your work from anywhere via the web app or through a secondary account on your laptop

Quickly compile presentations and chart books in the application, or in Word or PowerPoint, without losing the ability to edit data, analyses, or formatting


We’ve built a platform that adapts to the way you want to work, with the data you want to work with. See why the application makes working with economic & financial data simpler & more efficient.


Find out more about the variety of options for analysing data, from one click analyses & custom formula functions, to seamless integrations with tools like EViews & R.

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All our products have one thing in common, they provide effective solutions for working with economic & financial data. Take a look at what we offer.


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