Chart library available in MacrobondApr 17, 2014

We are happy to announce that we have added a Chart library in the Macrobond application.

The Chart library provides a selection of sample charts, with extensive descriptions, highlighting interesting examples of data and analyses available in Macrobond application. With the charts published here, you can learn about a wide range of methods of analyses and apply them to your research. The Library will be continuously updated with new charts.

You can access the Chart library at: File-> Open-> Macrobond chart library

You are always welcome to contact the Macrobond team if you have any questions.

Selection of available charts:


Macrobond chart library-> Examples -> Math and statistics -> Trend line


Macrobond chart library-> Examples -> Distributions-> Inflation and stripes


Macrobond chart library-> Examples-> Series manipulations-> Joining series with longer history


IPD real estate data available in MacrobondNov 7, 2013

IPD is a world leader in performance analysis for the owners, investors, managers, lenders on and occupiers of real estate. IPD is a subsidiary of MSCI Inc., a leading provider of investment decision support tools to investors globally.

The following real estate data modules from IPD have been made available for purchase as individual parts or as a whole:

  • IPD Denmark Annual Property Index
  • IPD Norway Annual Property Index
  • IPD Sweden Annual Property Index
  • IPD U.K. Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Property Index

The data is broken down into these property types:

  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Other
  • Residential
  • Retail

The following variables are included:

Index Values:

  • Capital & Rental Value Growth
  • Income & Total Return
  • Yield Shift


  • Rental & Capital Value
  • Number of Properties
  • Average Lot Size

Expenditures & Receipts:

  • Number of Sales & Purchases
  • Turnover & Net Investment
  • Expenditures on Developments, Improvements & Purchases
  • Sales Receipts

The U.K. Monthly module also includes additional variables. All data goes back to the inception of the indices.

Please contact the Macrobond team if you are interested in this data.

Property data from SouFun-CREIS addedAug 19, 2013

Data from China’s biggest mainland real estate website owner has been added to the database covering about 35 large and mid-sized cities.

The data can be found under China > Construction & Real Estate > Real Estate:

  1. Real Estate Transactions > Regions > Approved for Sale
    Number of units that are approved by authority for sale in numbers and in floor area.
  2. Real Estate Transactions > Regions > Available for Sale
    Number of units ready for sale (in market) in numbers and in floor area.
  3. Real Estate Transactions > Regions > Land
    Total area of land purchased by Developers
    Total monetary amount traded for land sale
  4. Real Estate Transactions > Regions > Units Sale
    Number of units actually sold during the month, in numbers and in floor area.
  5. Real Estate Prices
    Monthly average price for different type of housing in each city

USDA FAS Production, Supply and Distribution data now availableNov 27, 2013

Macrobond is happy to announce that we have expanded our database with the addition of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service's Production, Supply and Distribution (PSD) data. This data set contains current and historical official USDA data on production, supply and distribution of agricultural commodities for the United States and key producing and consuming countries and consists of 27 000 active annual frequency series together with 9 000 discontinued reference series.

The international portion of the data is updated with input from agricultural attachés stationed at U.S. embassies around the world, FAS commodity analysts and country and commodity analysts with the Economic Research Service (ERS). The U.S. domestic component is updated with input from analysts in FAS, ERS, the National Agricultural Statistical Service and the Farm Service Agency (FSA).

Data is released throughout the year once or twice per month with each update covering a portion of the total data set. Data on major commodities from significant countries are updated multiple times per year while other parts of the database are updated only when new information becomes available. To view a schedule of past and upcoming releases please visit:

The data has been integrated in the existing Tree structure for each country making the series available in Foreign Trade in the Trade category, Agricultural Production in the Production category and Stock Levels/Inventories and Consumption in the Commodities & Energy category. There is also an aggregated view available in Economics - by source > U.S. Department of Agriculture > USDA Production, Supply and Distribution (PSD).


Consensus Economics available on MacrobondOct 9, 2013

Macrobond and Consensus Economics have jointly launched a new historical database on the Macrobond research system. Beginning in October 2013, Macrobond users will be able to access and manipulate Consensus Forecast time series data, both current monthly updates and historical, for charts and reports, together with Macrobond’s global economic and financial databases.

For users wishing to see in more detail how the Consensus Forecasts current and historical data series are displayed within Macrobond, the time series for Canada (with Consensus Forecast history back to October 1989) have been made available for a 30 day free trial to all our customers.

By subscribing to this database, you can access current and historical monthly Consensus Economic forecasts for key macroeconomic variables across an extensive range of countries in North America, Europe (including Eastern Europe), the Asia Pacific region and Latin America.

Number of Data Series: Over 1000

Number of Countries: Over 80

Number of Contributors: Over 700 forecasting panellists. Common definitions and time horizons are imposed by the rigorous survey methodology, to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Data History: From October 1989 for the G7 Countries & Western Europe; From 1995 for the major Asia Pacific countries; From May 1998 for the main Eastern European countries; and From March 1993 for the major Latin American countries

Update Cycle: Monthly

Period Estimates: Current Year and Following Year

About Consensus Economics

Consensus Economics Inc, founded in 1989, is the world's leading international economic survey organization and polls more than 700 economists each month to obtain their forecasts and views for over 80 countries. During the past two and a half decades Consensus Economics has cultivated its growing network of economists, drawing upon the expertise of well-established local consultancies and large teams of professionals in the banks who research particular countries and regions. Consensus Economics is often seen as the macroeconomic forecast benchmark by investment and planning managers, as well as government and public sector institutions, who find its data useful, effective and accurate.


If you would like further information regarding this service on Macrobond contact your Macrobond Account Representative or Consensus Economics directly.


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